Analox Alarm Strobes for Fixed CO₂ Monitor Ax60+

Analox Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) Gas Detectors Oxygen (O₂)
The Ax60+ CO₂ and O₂ gas detection systems use high visibility alarm units to notify users of a potential risk from a leak of gas.  You...

Analox Ax60+ CO2 Sensor Unit, Quick Connect

Analox Gas Detectors
The Ax60+ CO₂ sensor is connected by quick connect cable to the Ax60+ Central Unit and is set by default to trigger a low-level alarm at...

Analox Ax60+ Data Output Module, Quick Connect

Analox Gas Detectors
The Data Output Module (DOM), designed specifically for the Analox Ax60+, acts as a gateway between the Ax60+ and your remote systems. The DOM allows...

Analox Ax60+ O2 Sensor Unit, Quick Connect

Analox Gas Detectors Oxygen (O₂)
The Ax60+ O2 Sensor provides an early warning of both oxygen depletion and oxygen enrichment. The sensor unit should be connected to the Central Unit by...

Analox AX60+ Sensor Protector Kit

Analox Gas Detectors
Sensors mounted at low levels are vulnerable to accidental damage. Ax60+ Protector Kit: Includes protector bar, splashguard & fixing kit. The Sensor Protector Kit...

Analox Ax60+ Splashguard for Sensor

Analox Gas Detectors
To protect the sensors we recommend purchasing a splashguard protector to cover the sensor, shielding it from accidental splashes while cleaning is in operation....

Analox Ax60+ Wall Mounted Modular CO2 Detector

Analox Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) Gas Detectors
Applications: Breweries, Wineries, Bars, Pub Cellars and Walk-in Coolers, Fast Food Restaurants, Stadiums, Shopping Malls, and Theatres What is it: Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) MonitorSingle / Multi-Gas...

Analox Central Unit for Ax60+

Analox Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) Gas Detectors Oxygen (O₂)
Gas sensors and alarms sold separately The Central Unit is for the Ax60+ wall-mounted multi-gas monitor for use with the carbon dioxide (CO₂) sensors and oxygen (O₂) sensors. The Central...

Analox CO2 Buddy Personal Safety Alarm

Analox Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) Gas Detectors
Applications: Beverage, Hospitality, Bars, Pubs, Breweries, Stadiums, Shopping Malls, Laboratories, Medical What is it: Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) alarm unitSingle / Multi-Gas Detector:SingleWhat it measures:Carbon Dioxide (CO₂)Why...

CO2 Indoor Air Quality Monitor - Analox Air Quality Guardian

Analox Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) Gas Detectors
Applications: Almost anywhere, see the list of applications below What is it: Let's you know when you need to ventilate an area Single / Multi-Gas Detector: Multi What it measures: Carbon...

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