DFM1430-580 - Dual Argon Flowmeter

Argon Regulator Flow Gauge Regulator Profax
Profax brand argon flowmeter features: Brass Body 0-60 SCFH range CGA 580 inlet – for use with argon, C25 mix, C10 mix, and other...

0781-1153 Victor Model DFM150-580 Medium Duty Argon And Helium Flowmeter Regulator, CGA-580

Applications Argon Regulator Brands Carbon Dioxide Regulator Flow Gauge Regulator Gas Control Gas Service Greenhouse Regulator Victor Welding Regulator
Victor® DFM 150 Series Light Duty Dual Flow Argon/Helium Flow meter Regulator offers 5 - 50/20 - 150 SCFH of delivery that is designed...
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FM-100F Goss Nitrogen Flowmeter

Brands Cutting & Brazing Regulator Flow Gauge Regulator Gas Control Gas Regulator Gas Service Goss Nitrogen Regulator Purge Regulator
This item is a custom ordered product. Please contact us for pricing and expected ship date. Ideal for HVAC and refrigeration brazing or purging applications. Brazing without nitrogen causes internal...
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Concoa Medical Oxygen Flowmeter Regulator

Applications Brands Concoa Flow Gauge Regulator Gas Control Gas Service Medical Regulator
Models 806 4539 through 806 4544 are designed for a variety of home health care and hospital applications in conjunction with oxygen tents, masks, humidifiers, cannulas,...

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