Modern chemical and forensic research relies on gas chromatography to separate compounds for further analysis. The 526 and 527 Series Switchovers provide an uninterrupted supply of traditional inert carrier gases such as nitrogen or helium. C-Series gas cabinets allow safe and compliant use of hydrogen in the laboratory. If the carrier gas is generated on site, a 540 Series Back-Up Panel can prevent supply interruption from planned or unplanned generator maintenance. 54 Series Point-of-Use Panels, optionally including gas filters or flashback arrestors, offer high purity final line regulation in the laboratory.

C-Series Gas Cabinets

The C-Series Gas Cabinets are designed to provide unparalleled protection for both the mounted gas supply systems and their attached gas cylinders.

526 Series Automatic Switchover

The 526 Series Automatic Switchover, available with or without Advantium 2 plus remote alarms, continuously supplies high purity gas from a primary and reserve bank of high pressure cylinders.

540 Series Back-Up Panel

The 540 Series Back-Up Panel automatically switches from a primary to a reserve supply without interrupting the flow of gas.

54 Series Point-of-Use Panels

The 54 Series Point-of-Use Panels provide a modular design to mount and locate 400 Series regulators at the point of use for the most demanding gas applications.


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