Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and solid state lasers used for material processing may require lasing gases, purging gases, and process or assist gases. CONCOA laser gas systems are designed to meet and exceed the laser’s demanding requirements for gas purity, pressure and flow. Today’s lasers are no longer tied to the cutting of sheet metal only, but are used in applications ranging from electronics to medical devices. In light of ever changing applications CONCOA has simplified the equipment selection process by grouping products based on the laser’s specific gas system. Each grouping is clearly labeled and identified with a tab to guide the user towards an appropriate solution. Thank you for choosing CONCOA.

• Resonator System The resonator gas system should be designed to provide a continuous supply and maintain the purity of the gas from the cylinder to the laser.

• Beam Purge System The beam delivery system is designed to provide a clean, dry atmosphere for the beam delivery optics to direct and maintain beam quality to the work piece.

• Assist or Process Gas System Whether cutting, welding or modifying surface conditions the laser beam provides the energy to melt or vaporize the base material. The assist or process gas removes or provides, quickly and consistently, a protective blanket as the material cools.


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