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Analox Fixed Oxygen Depletion Monitor O₂NE+


Applications: Laboratories, Medical, Food & Beverage, Farming 
What is it:

Applications: Laboratories, Medical, Food & Beverage, Farming 
What is it:Oxygen (O) Depletion Monitor 
Single / Multi-Gas Detector:Single 
What it measures:Oxygen (O
Portable / Fixed: Fixed 

The ONE+ is a simple to use and maintain ambient oxygen (O) depletion monitor and sensor for use in laboratories which use inert gases and nitrogen (N₂)It is essential to monitor oxygen (O₂) depletion levels in laboratories where gases like argon (Ar), helium (He) and nitrogen (N₂) are used.

Any laboratory using inert gases such as argon (Ar), xenon (Xe), nitrogen (N), krypton (Kr), radon (Rn) or helium (He) need to consider the ONE+ oxygen depletion monitor.  This unique monitor will help you comply with applicable legislation for your laboratory.

Inert gases are used in laboratories to conduct experiments, in cryogenics and as carrier gases, but  they do not support human breathing. Inert gases are odourless, colourless and tasteless, making them undetectable without an oxygen monitor.

How it works

The ONE+ is an ambient oxygen (O₂) depletion monitor comprising of a wall mounted main sensor unit and a repeater. It is ranged from 0 to 25% and has 2 low audio/visual alarms. The sensor has a very long life and calibration is only required every 12 months and can be achieved using certified air.

Where to install?

The ONE+ oxygen depletion monitor is usually situated in laboratories that are using multiple gases to ensure that oxygen (O) levels do not deteriorate to an unsafe level. The unit is also sometimes used in the gas storage area where there is potential for a leak of helium (He) or nitrogen (N₂).

The ONE+ is installed in areas where an inert gas is being used or stored to provide a warning should the oxygen (Olevels deteriorate to an unsafe level. The repeater is located at the entrance to the room, highlighting the danger to personnel before they enter.

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