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Analox Aspida Portable O₂ & CO₂ Multi-Gas Detector


Applications: Medical, Hospitals, Laboratories, Lone Workers 
What is it: Oxygen (O

Applications: Medical, Hospitals, Laboratories, Lone Workers 
What is it: Oxygen (O) & Carbon Dioxide (CO) monitor 
Single / Multi-Gas Detector:Multi 
What it measures:Oxygen (O), Carbon Dioxide (CO
Portable / Fixed:Portable 

Why the Aspida?

The Aspida O₂ & CO₂ Detector is a robust, high specification personal carbon dioxide (CO) and oxygen (O) monitor which can be worn on a belt or even wall mounted as a backup to a primary safety system. Offering audio/visual alarms, data logging, and a man down alarm for lone workers, this is an ideal solution to protect staff such as doctors, nurses, and lab tech’s from the dangers of a leak of carbon dioxide (CO) or oxygen (O).

How it works

The Aspida will alert users to any oxygen (O) levels above 23.5% with an audible and visual alarm, enabling them to take quick action to make the area safe.

The unit can be wall-mounted at normal working head height in the gas storage room, or where enriched oxygen (O) is piped. The unit comes with one repeater as standard which is located at the entrance to the room.

What can it prevent?

The Aspida is ideal for safeguarding against carbon dioxide (CO) enrichment and oxygen (O) enrichment and deficiency. It has a high-resolution display that gives clear readings in all light conditions and is packed into a durable, water-resistant enclosure.

What's in the box

  • Analox Aspida main unit with carbon dioxide and oxygens sensor
  • 2 x AA rechargeable batteries
  • Belt clip attachment
  • Charger power supply
  • USB communication cable
  • Software disc
  • Quick start manual
  • Calibration adaptor


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